Diverse Tutors to Match Individual Needs

No two students are alike, and neither are our tutors! Our team's diverse teaching styles and academic expertise ensures learner/tutor pairings that match individual needs and success!

Meet Our Tutors!


CHRISTIE, CJLC Founder: 20+ years tutoring all subjects, grades K-12,

specializing in advanced Math, Algebra, Geometry, AP English, AP History

classes, and Spanish. Learn more about Christie.


 KIM, Lead Tutor: 30+ years teaching/tutoring all subjects, K-12, specializing in Math (through integrated Math), beginning readers, ADHD and Dyslexic students. Learn more about Kim. 

HEIDI: 14 years tutoring/assistant teaching all subjects, K-12, specializing in English, Reading, Math and Special Ed (TSP and SDC).  Learn more about Heidi.


STEVE: 20 years tutoring Math and Science, Junior High-College, specializing in Math, Alegra, Geometry, Precalculus, Statistics, Chemistry, and Physics. Learn more about Steve.


PHILIP: 2 years tutoring/substitute teaching, K-10, Math (up to Geometry), History/Social Studies, Science, English/Language Arts, specializing in History and ADD/ADHD and Dyslexic students.

Learn more about Philip.

JULIANNE: 2 years tutoring/assistant teaching, Reading and Math, K-8, specializing in early learners and children on the Autism spectrum. Learn more about Julianne.