Meet Julianne

At a Glance

  • Academics/Credentials:  BA in Psychology, UC Santa Barbara; BS In Communicative Disorders and
    Deaf Education, Utah State University.

  • Years Tutoring: 2 years’ tutoring and assistant teacher experience.

  • Grades: K-8

  • Subjects: Reading and Math.

  • Specialties: Working with children on the Autism spectrum.

  • Favorite Niche: Reading activities with early learners.

  • Tutoring Style: Gentle, patient, flexible, and nurturing.

  • Best Part of My Day: Seeing students’ confidence grow.

  • Personal Passions: Playing the piano for relaxation. Reading (mysteries are my favorite). Hiking scenic, hilly trails.


Tapping into Each Child's Energy

I like to create an environment where students feel comfortable and challenged, which begins by building a foundation of trust and safety.


Every child has a different “energy,” and I like tuning into that energy to customize learning activities around it. Initially, some students are anxious and self-conscious about their learning struggles, which I fully understand.


As a child, I struggled with reading and am so grateful I had a tutor!  She was kind and patient, never made me feel bad about my mistakes, and showed me tips and techniques to improve. As a result, reading has become a real pleasure in my life and it's the subject I most enjoy teaching. I want to be that same kind of tutor for my students; to have that kind of positive impact on their lives. 


I love working with 6- to 12-year-olds, seeing them blossom from impressionable lower-elementary students to greater autonomy in junior high. Watching students grow confident in subjects that they initially struggled to understand is extremely rewarding.