Math Classes Fall 2020

*Specific Math Classes:

Kenilworth Math 7 Tues 4:30 Kim, Thurs 6:15 Phil

Kenilworth Math 8 Mon 4:30 Kim, Wed 6:15 Phil

PJHS Math 7 Thurs 4:30 Kim, Tues 6:15 Phil

PJHS Math 8 Wed 4:30 Kim, Mon 6:15 Phil

Adv. Math8/Math 1 all schools Thurs 3:30 Steve

Math 1 Casa Grande Mon and Wed 7:30 Phil (you can do one or both days)

Math 1 PHS Tues and Thurs 7:30 Phil (you can do one or both days)

Math 1 PHS Mon 3:15 Christie

Math 2 Casa Grande Tues 3:15 Christie

Math 2 PHS Wed 3:15 Christie

Math 3 Casa Grande Thurs 3:15 Christie

Math 3 PHS Tues 4:30 Steve

Trig, Calculus, and AP Stats TBD

The math classes will be 30 minutes of lecture, then 30 minutes of working through homework problems. This is an interactive session where students can ask questions out loud or through the chat feature. The cost is $37.50 per session, and you can add yourself to the schedule ongoing or as needed.

In the high school classes, we will break down the specific skills and focus on the essential standards. We are adding the junior high math classes after many families requested it; we know that not all the teachers will be assigning the same homework problems, but we will do our best to accommodate each class.

We are considering adding math classes for grade 3, 4, 5, and 6. These classes would be shorter, focusing on a different skill each month loosely tied to their school curriculum. For example, Phil might start out with place value, then decimals, move to fractions, and so on. If you would like to do one of these classes, please let us know a day/time that would work for you, and we will see if we can group students together.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We want to start the year feeling strong and up to the challenge. We will do our best to support you. We can do this!

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