Meet Philip


  • Academics/Credentials:  BA in History, San Francisco State University. 

  • Years Tutoring: 2 years, plus substitute teaching experience.

  • Grades: K-10

  • Subjects: Math (up to Geometry), History/Social Studies, Science, English/Language Arts. 

  • Specialties: Tutoring elementary and middle school students. Assisting Dyslexic and ADD/ADHD students.

  • Favorite Niche: History.

  • Tutoring Style: Laid-back, patient, encouraging.  

  • Best Part of My Day: Seeing students move from overwhelm to: “I can do this!” 

  • Personal Passions: Everything Pop Culture: Music (listening and writing), Movies, Video Games. Travel. Spending time with my wife and our cat Aida (who runs the show in our household).


Confidence and Understanding Are Key

My main goal is to boost students’ confidence and their understanding of assignments.


I remember that hopeless feeling of being lost and behind in classwork, and I don’t want my students to feel that way. I like providing tools and encouragement that help replace hopelessness with confidence and success.


I want my students to know there’s no shame in not understanding something. Understanding why a topic or concept is important can add meaning and motivation for learning. I like to put concepts into context--to make sure students understand the why of an assignment before we jump to how to do it.


History, for example, can seem very dry and boring to young people. But explaining past events’  impact on present-day life can turn “boring” into fascinating!


Like that old adage, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, I encourage students not to shut down or give up, and love watching their confidence grow as a result. The best part of tutoring is helping students realize that even when something seems really hard, they can move from feeling overwhelmed and get to, “I can do it!”