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June 2023 Announcements

Parents and Students, We are in the final sprint now! The next two weeks are packed, and we are doing all we can to help you finish this year strong. 1. We have a waiting list for students who want extra sessions for finals. Thanks for keeping us updated with your availability. Sometimes a last minute cancellation pops up, and will will call you. 2. After school gets out, we will take the rest of June off for a summer break. We will start the summer session July 10th. I will be checking email periodically over the break, but we will return calls and emails the week of July 10th. 3. If you want a summer workbook recommendation, please email us and we will get back to you with some suggestions. Sometimes you don’t need tutoring; practicing a few minutes a day can help prevent the summer slide and keep your skills sharp. 4. There are lots of ways to keep learning this summer. Check out the Petaluma Library’s reading program as well as museum, national parks, and historical site info. Try a coding project or a cooking class. Explore new hobbies and find passion projects. As always—but especially at the end of a school year— we are thankful for you and proud of all you have accomplished. It is a pleasure working with you and growing with you. We hope you have a wonderful summer and all good things in the year ahead. Thanks, Christie

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February 2024 Announcements

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January 2024 Announcements

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December 2023 Announcements

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