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Parents and Students:

I hope you were able to get outside this weekend to enjoy the good weather. The next batch of rain comes on Wednesday. Drive carefully out there and be safe.

1. We will be closed the week of Feb 19-23rd . PCS is closing that week as a Mid-Winter Break and emergency school closure allowance in case of fires. Because so many of our students are in Petaluma City Schools, we follow their calendar. I know this can be a challenge for those families outside of PCS. Please let us know if you would like to set up an additional session the week before or after the break.

2. Juniors: it is time to start thinking about whether you want to take the SAT or ACT. While some schools are not requiring the tests for admission, they do require them for scholarships and for placement into math and English courses. The content for the SAT and ACT is very similar, but the format is quite different. Take a free practice test and score it to see which test is the better choice for you. If you want help preparing for the test, email us and we can set it up.

3. The Sonoma County Public Library just finished up their 2024 Winter Reading Challenge. Check out their reading bingo sheet; inspire yourself to try reading a new author or genre. Scroll down for the explanations in English and Spanish. Alternatively, you can try an audio book or movie. There is so much to explore.

As always, we are here to cheer you on, help you achieve your goals, encourage you through setbacks, and celebrate your victories.

Christie & Team

Parents and Students:

Happy New Year! I hope you have had a wonderful time with family and friends, and you are refreshed and ready for the new semester.

1. A quick reminder: we will start back on Tuesday, Jan 9th. With the delayed start, payment will be due Jan 14th.

2. If you would like to put your credit card on file, we can set it up in a phone call. The feature is a double blind entry, so no one will see your credit card info after set up. We can process your payment each month for the exact amount due (unlike the recurring charge option). Call or email us for more information.

3. Please remember to pay your invoices by the due date. Tracking down payments takes up a lot of time, leaving us less time to prep and do admin tasks. Late fees help pay for some of this time, but they don’t cover all of it. Please do your part to keep things running smoothly.

4. We will be closed for Martin Luther King Jr Day, Jan 15. I realize that this is two Mondays in a row that kids will miss. Please let us know if you want to add a session later in the week.

With a new semester, the grade book resets, and there is fresh opportunity to set new goals. We are to help you every step of the way.

Christie and Team

Parents and Students:

I hope you had a good fall break and are ready for these last few weeks before finals.

Just a few things:

1. Teachers can load up a lot of homework and review packets, but it is really important to spend a few minutes each night practicing your flashcards/ quizlet, reviewing key concepts, and reading old labs and homework. A few minutes a day can do more than a last-minute cram the night before finals.

2. We will be closed for winter break Dec 22- Jan 8th. School starts back on the 9th, which is a Tuesday. We hope you enjoy your time with friends and family.

3. If you are planning on taking the ACT or the SAT in the spring, please email me. I would like to group students together to make it easier for everyone.

We are thankful for you and for all of your hard work this year. We wish you lots of love, peace, and happiness this holiday season and in the new year ahead.

Christie & Team

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