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Why Tutoring?

Tutoring is only for students who are behind in their studies, right? Nope, there are many reasons to work with a tutor.


Different students enjoy and benefit from tutoring for different reasons. For some, tutoring offers the chance to slow down, focus on core concepts, and apply them to classroom materials. Others need a nonjudgmental place to come ask questions, practice, and better understand what they're learning. Some use tutoring to maximize their time. They can get more done in their hour with a tutor than they do on their own. 


Many students over the years have told us that tutoring is the fastest hour of the whole week. They work hard and learn a lot. We even take a moment here and there to laugh and have some fun!

CJLC customizes tutoring session with tips, techniques, and curriculum to support each student's needs and achieve individual goals. 

Why get tutoring?

Some people think tutoring is only for students who are behind in their studies. The truth is that many different students enjoy and benefit from tutoring. At CJLC, we individualize techniques, curriculum, and goals to suit each student. We want to support every student and help them achieve their goals.


For some students, school becomes a blur as subjects pass them by quickly and they feel like everything is going too fast. Tutoring is a chance to slow down, focus on core concepts, and apply those concepts to classroom materials.

Customized Learning 

Some students understand a subject when the teacher explains it in class, but as soon as they get home, it looks like gobbledy-gook.  Tutoring becomes a place where these students can ask questions in a nonjudgmental space.  We try to answer their questions fully and give extra information or clarifying information when appropriate. 


As they proceed, they gain confidence and start doing better in other areas at school and home. As the saying goes, “Success breeds success.”  When students realize they can succeed, they work even harder, which gives them even more success, and the cycle continues.


Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Some students understand enough to do the homework but don’t feel confident in their understanding. These students can follow a pattern to complete the homework, but falter on tests when the questions are all mixed together.


Tutoring offers an opportunity to explore different explanations for the same concept. By exploring these multiple takes, students feel an “ah-ha” or “click” as it all starts making sense.  When the test comes, they know how to do the problems and, more importantly, they know why to answer them certain ways.

Structured for Success

Some students have trouble getting their homework done on time and use the tutoring session to provide structure to their studies.


For elementary and middle school students, it can be a challenge to finish large packets of homework.  They often wait until the day before it is due, and work late into the night to finish. On the other hand, when they set out a specific time to work at tutoring, the students complete the packet over several days, making the most of the repetition. The assignment is completed with plenty of time to turn it in, and the students fully understand the material.


For high school students, the daily assignments might be getting done, but the chapter readings, notes, and studying falls behind. Sometimes the students skimp on the longer term activities for the instant gratification of hanging out with friends or playing video games. Attending tutoring, we focus on long-term planning and the students are motivated because they know we will be checking up on them.  We will notice in a one-on-one session what a teacher with 37 students might not. This attention also improves their knowledge retention and they do better on classroom tests, the SAT,  and ACT.


“Christie Johnson has tutored our children for nearly two years.  In that time, she has helped restore their confidence and raise their grades.  She always has a cheerful, encouraging attitude and is very knowledgeable. 


She has the gift of being able to teach difficult concepts in ways kids can understand them, and most importantly to the kids: she makes it fun!  We give her the highest of recommendations.”


--Parent of Petaluma Junior High students

"My son and I were really won over by Christie's sunny personality and teaching skill. My son began by resisting tutoring, and quickly began to enjoy it.


Christie obviously took an interest in my son, and tailored her teaching to meet his needs. She took a subject that my son disliked and made it pleasurable for him. She was a pleasure to work with!"


--Parent of a Kenilworth Junior High student

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