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We tutor hour-long sessions Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 7:30 with an additional 2:30 hour on Wednesdays. We encourage the older students to take the later hours so they have plenty of time for after-school activities and sports before coming to tutoring.

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What hours do you tutor?

This varies from student to student because we individualize each session to the student’s needs and goals. Generally speaking we do 30 minutes of homework help and 30 minutes of core skills. Contact Christie and we can talk over specifics. I do use textbooks, reference materials, supplementary texts, and the students’ coursework to optimize the session. Most students will not get extra homework from us. At times, we will send students home encouraging them to read an article or write a few paragraphs before the next session. For math students, we highly encourage the daily use of flashcards.

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What is a typical session like?
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We have two different kinds of sessions: shared and private. The shared sessions are two students with a tutor, and the private sessions are one-on-one. We like to put students together who are about the same age or who are working on similar things. We don't want the session to turn into a social hour-- we are definitely here to work. The shared sessions are more popular for controlling costs and because the students like to have a little breathing room while they try new skills. Some students prefer the private sessions for the very focused help. If we need to make a change with tutors or times, we are always happy to help. We want the tutoring to be a great experience. 

What is better: shared or private sessions?

We tutor math from Kindergarten through Statistics, and reading K12 grade, with an added emphasis on information texts and note taking in the upper grades. We tutor writing K12 grade, with term paper support for college students. We can also help penmanship for printing and cursive where appropriate. We also teach study skills, time management, and organization. We help students manage their planners (on paper or online) and use Google Classroom effectively.

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What subjects do you tutor?
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Where can I get vocabulary flashcards?

We like to use flashcards for prefixes and suffixes so students get extremely comfortable with basic word parts. Older students can work with Latin and Greek root flashcards when appropriate. I do not usually do flashcards for general vocabulary, unless it is part of a student’s homework for a specific class. If needed, “sight” word flashcards for beginning readers can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, or downloaded from various websites. Ask Christie for details.

Where can I get math flashcards?
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Math facts flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can be purchased at Dollar Tree, K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, Staples, and other retailers. has math facts CDs you can sing along with in the car. The students will make geometric and formula cards in our session.

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