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For current students,
click here for the online tutoring schedule.
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If you do not have a password, contact

Requesting Sessions through Teachworks

To get prepared for a virtual session:
1. Download Zoom as an app on your iPad, Chromebook, or computer. 
2. Load Google Hangouts on your device. You should be able to use your petk12 email address to set up an account.
3. Scan your assignment into a Google Doc and share it with your tutor.

To request a session:
1. Login to Teachworks, choose a tutor, and click "show open sessions"
2. The grey spots are unavailable or full, the white spots are open
3. Highlight the day/time and right click. There should be a dialog box asking if you want to join the session. Click yes.


To Join a Math Group Session:

1. Login to Teachworks, choose Christie as your tutor, and click "show open sessions."

2. Right click the group session you want to join, and follow the prompts.

3. Each group sessions is one hour: a 30 minute lesson and 30 minutes of questions and practice problems.

NOTE: using Teachworks is easier with your computer or iPad, not your phone.

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