COVID-19 News

April 3, 2020

Hi Everyone:

I hope you had a successful week of remote learning with your classes and your tutoring sessions. This is a learning process, and we are refining the sessions as we go. Many of you have been asking me about group lessons, so starting this week, here is the schedule:

Casa Math 1- Wed at 6:30
Casa Math 2- Wed at 7:30               PHS Math 1--Wed at 2:30
Casa Math 3- Mon at 7:30               PHS Math 2- Mon at 2:30

A couple of things to know:
1. You do not need to sign up for every week. You can come when you need help or come for the whole series. Right click the session to join.
2. The cost is $35 per session.
3. The first 30 minutes will be a lesson, then we will open it up for questions and extra practice problems for the last 30 minutes. You will be muted for the first half and can raise your hand in the second half. 
4.  You are welcome to record the session to rewatch and study.
5. Please be prepared to screen shot the whiteboard and take notes. We will be doing practice problems from your homework and Essential Standards.
6. If there is a particular topic you want to cover, email at least two hours before the session, and I will try to fit it in. 
7. If you have a friend or classmate who would like to join, please spread the word.

If there is sufficient interest, we may also continue the series over the summer to cover material that would have been taught these last two months of class. 

We want to support you every way we can. If you have any questions, please email the front desk at or me at






March 29, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are keeping safe and healthy.

We have been busy getting ready to take all the sessions online. Just as a reminder, all the recurring shared sessions in Teachworks have been cancelled, and you need to contact us to set up a new schedule. You can request a session in Teachworks or email with the day, time, and tutor you would like to schedule. 

In preparation for remote sessions please make sure to:

1. Download Hangouts and Zoom for your device. When possible we will do a combination of Hangouts and Zoom to share screens, use the whiteboard, and interact effectively. *Remember to mute your speaker on one app to avoid feedback

2. Fill in your student's email and cell phone number in Teachworks. We will call or text you the Zoom meeting ID and password at the beginning of your session. 

3. Find a quiet place to have your session. The microphones pick up a lot of ambient noise. Turn off notifications for as many of your other apps as possible. 

4. If your homework is in Google Classroom, you can share screens with your tutor. Alternately, make a copy of the document, then share the copy with your tutor. If you try to share documents in classroom, you will need to get permission from your teacher.

Just as a recap, because we cannot do shared sessions right now, we are allowing students to make appointments for 20 min-90 min. *The shorter sessions are particularly good for the younger students. The sessions will be prorated for $50/hr for sessions with staff and $75/hr for sessions with Christie. If it is easier for you to pay monthly, than please do so. Otherwise, we will email invoices every week to allow for changes and cancellations during this pandemic.

As always we wish all of you well and hope that you are finding your way through this uncertain time. 





March 25, 2020


I hope you are staying safe and healthy. We appreciate your patience as we have been finding ways forward with our new reality.

Petaluma City Schools just announced that they will honor the shelter in place order through May 1st. Therefore, I have cancelled all April in-person sessions.

We are using a combination of Google Docs, Hangouts, and Zoom to tutor students remotely. At this time, we are not able to do any shared sessions. The remote sessions are working well, but we cannot monitor students like we do in person. This means that we have some changes in place for the next month.

1. Students can request one time sessions through Teachworks or email for a recurring session.

2. The cost for the online sessions is $50 with staff and $75 with Christie. This is a break from our private session rates. 

3. You can schedule sessions for a partial hour. The shortest session is 20 minutes.

4. We will email invoices every Friday to accommodate changes in the schedule. I want the billing to be as straight-forward as possible while allowing for this historic upheaval. Please pay your invoice within 7 days.

5. Schools are still working out their schedules. Some tutors may be able to work earlier in the day. We will continue to have the majority of our sessions in the evening.

6. While I want to be as flexibile as I can, my tutors are using their own Internet to make tutoring possible. We have all seen how the Internet has slowed, has interruptions, and  has intermittent dropped packets. Connection issues are not the fault of the tutors or their ISP. They are side effects from the massive surge in usage across every community in the United States.

7. If you are interested in a group webinar for the junior high or high school math, please let us know. We are still working out how we can do this efficiently and affordably. 

As so many have said, we are in an unprecedented crisis. We will continue to adjust and refine our remote sessions to best help all our families. We want to support you through the changes and keep you on track with your goals.

If you need to stop tutoring for any reason, just let us know. These are tough times and we all need to weather the storm. You are welcome to return in a few weeks, for summer, or next year. We appreciate you and wish you well.

These challenges are asking for us to be stronger than we have ever been before. Sometimes you don't know how strong you can be. You just keep taking one day at a time, one task at a time. It is when we look back that we realize that we were strong. May you be as strong as I know you can be.

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