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March 2024 Announcements

Parents and Students,

It has been a soggy few weeks, but hopefully that means our gardens and aquifers will be full this spring. 

1. We will be closed Monday, March 18th. Petaluma City Schools has an inservice day for teachers. I hope you enjoy the day off and can do something fun.

2. All the rain wreaks havoc on the baseball and softball schedules as practices and games are postponed and rescheduled. Keep checking Teachworks for open sessions and follow the prompts to join. If you have forgotten your Teachworks password, just enter your email address and reset your password. It is quick and painless. 

3. There are two more dates for the SAT and ACT. Make sure you register soon so you can get a seat (and can take your test locally). Time can get away from us, so it is important to take action.

Keep working hard. To achieve big goals, we have to take small steps consistently. We build our accomplishments one piece at a time. You’ve got this!

Christie & Team

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